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Learning video for “exactly” | Joshua’s English Dictionary

Exactly – Definition & Meaning summary

  1. In an exact manner; precisely according to a rule, standard, or fact.

Joshua’s Seven-Step Method

Let’s learn the English vocabulary “exactly” by using our Seven-Step Method for effective learning.

Step 1: How to pronounce “exactly” in English

Can you pronounce this word correctly?

The answer is this.

  • American : /ɪɡˈzæktli/
  • British : /ɪɡˈzæktli/
Step 2: The Word Origin

It consists of “exact + -ly.”

“exact” means “precise, accurate.”

Suffix “-ly” means “like or manner.” It is a common adverbial suffix.

So, from the Word Origin, “in an exact manner” is the essential meaning of “exactly.”

Step 3: Definition

The modern usage of this word is the same as the word origin.

Meaning, in an exact manner; precisely according to a rule, standard, or fact.

For example – He won the chess match because his opponent acted exactly as he anticipated.

Step 4: Derived words or Related words


Step 5: Word forming elements and application examples

Root word “exact.”

  • exacting, exactitude, exactness
  • inexact

Common adverbial Suffix “-ly.”

  • absolutely, abstractly, accidentally, accordingly, actively
  • blankly, blindly, bloodily, bluntly, bodily, briefly
  • calmly, carefully, carnally, certainly, etc.
Step 6: Collocations


Step 7: Commonly used Word Pairings and Phrases

Used as an Adverb.

exactly how

Please tell me exactly how you want it done.

exactly right

Your answer is good, but not exactly right.

exactly why

Please tell me exactly why you would like to get an MBA degree.

exactly who

Exactly who told you that our company will close next April?

isn’t exactly

This isn’t exactly the color I wanted.

know exactly

Do you know exactly what was said by the two gentlemen?

knew exactly

The little girl knew exactly what she spent at the vegetable shop.

exactly what I

This leather bag isn’t exactly what I want.

exactly what you

Can you tell me exactly what you expect for each project milestone.

Note: “project milestone” means “a measure the progress or performance in a project that denotes a change or stage in development.”

exactly what he

Can you remember exactly what he said?

exactly what they

I wrote down exactly what they said.

exactly what happened

Exactly what happened the other night?

doesn’t know exactly

The doctor doesn’t know exactly how the virus spreads.

I know exactly

I know exactly what I need for my project to be successful.

exactly the same way

Do this exactly the same way as the teacher.

it wasn’t exactly

It wasn’t exactly an award-winning performance.

no one knows exactly

No one knows exactly if there is life after death.

look exactly like

The girl looks exactly like her older sister.


Great job! You now have mastered the word “exactly.”