The English phrase “come out” has six meanings. You can learn phrase expressions that are difficult to guess from the meanings of English words alone. Here is the secret to learning English that can be used globally!

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Meanings of “come out”|Summary

  1. To appear.
  2. To leave a country, room, institution.
  3. To become public, to appear, to publish.
  4. To publicly acknowledge one’s homosexuality.
  5. To end up, to turn out.
  6. To take a stand or position in a debate.

* Following are definitions and example sentences of the English phrase “come out.”

1st meaning – To appear.

e.g. The clouds have moved, and now the sun is coming out.

2nd meaning – To leave a country, room, institution.

e.g. When did you first come out of the Soviet Union?

3rd meaning – To become public; to appear; to publish.

e.g. It came out that the popular comedian will announce that he will run for State Senator in the next primary election.

4th meaning – To publicly acknowledge one’s homosexuality.

e.g. When did he come out as gay?

5th meaning – To end up; to turn out.

e.g. I’m in the middle of the novel and am wondering how it will come out.

6th meaning – To take a stand or position in a debate.

e.g. He came out against the infrastructure bill.

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